Street art is an important part of the NYC landscape and we want you to notice and appreciate it! So strap on your walking shoes and join us for a tour. We’ll head out together to explore the colorful expressions that reflect the many artists who leave their mark on this fine city.

Please contact us at info@saddleshoetours.com for information & reservations.

Lower East Side to Soho:

This walk winds through some of the city’s most historic streets, offering tour guests up-close views of art that ranges in scale, style, and intention. A good mix of commissioned and illegal works will be showcased on this tour. This route includes a stroll down Mulberry Street where you'll discover and learn about the murals commissioned by the L.I.S.A Project. On this tour, you’ll find art in unexpected places and learn the stories behind the art & the structures it resides on.

Meeting Point: Bowery & Great Jones

Meatpacking to Chelsea:

This walk explores art on the streets in the recently transformed Meatpacking neighborhood then heads up to Chelsea to see art living outside the gallery walls. This route includes a walk on The Highline for a birds-eye view of some beautiful murals. On this tour, you’ll encounter a range of styles — from painted murals, to mosaic tiles, to sculptures, to art embedded in the sidewalks and streets—you’ll get a great feel for the versatility of today’s street art.

Meeting Point: Corner of 14th street and 8th Avenue on the 14th street side of CVS.

Scavenger Hunts:

We’ve teamed up with scavenger hunt aficionados, Watson Adventures, to bring you our Street Art Discovery Scavenger Hunt. It’s a fun, fast-paced, collaborative and educational street art hunt through the streets of the Lower East Side, Little Italy and Noilta. You’ll follow in the footsteps of local & international street artists as you follow clues to discover hidden gems and stumble upon large-scale masterpieces hidden in plain sight.

Schedule a private group event or join a public hunt!

Photography Workshop:

This three-hour event starts with a mini-photo lesson showcasing some basic rules of photography & talking about what it takes to take great street art photos. Then, we hit the streets for a short tour. Next, it's up to you to take some amazing shots of what we just discovered. Finally, we'll regroup and take a look at photos from fellow tour-goers. Don't be intimidated by the photography aspect... just bring your iPhone or if you have one, feel free to bring your fancy SLR!

Meeting & End Point: Customized upon booking.

Bushwick Street Art Walk:

This walk takes you to East Bushwick where you will explore an area that has become a haven for street artists and graffiti writers seeking lower rents and abundant walls. We will explore the legal and illegal sides of the artistic community including work by curated by The Bushwick Collective. Founder, Joe Ficaolora , has brought globally renowned artists to the neighborhood to and the resulting murals are plentiful and breathtaking.

Meeting Point: The corner of Wyckoff Ave and Stockholm Street outside of the L train stop at De Kalb Avenue.

Williamsburg Bridge Walk:

This route begins on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge and takes you on a journey over the East River and into Williamsburg. You’ll see some beautiful murals at the start and end of the route, but the bridge itself contains more graffiti than street art. As you walk the bridge, you’ll gain an appreciation for the lengths to which writers will go to get that perfect spot, including tagging highway overpass signs!

Meeting Point: Essex and Delancey in Manhattan (outside of the Delancey Street F train stop).

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Walking tours are offered on a private or group basis only and are $150 for up to four attendees (plus $30 per person for each additional attendee). Tours are available during the week & on weekends and advanced reservations are necessary. We offer tours for as few as 1 person and we like to keep our maximum group size to 12.

We host tours for individuals, corporations, family outings and teen birthday parties. Please consider us for your next event!

Our Street Art Scavenger Hunts are offered in partnership with Watson Adventures. We offer both public hunts and private group hunts. Please visit Watson Adventures for more.

For more information and to book your tour contact us at: info@saddleshoetours.com.